Are tamper-proof and tamper-evident poly mailers really the same thing?

Posted on September 26th, 2021 / Jesse Drori / , , / Tamper Evident Packaging
  1. Security bag converters call them tamper-evident bags
  2. What tamper-proof means and doesn’t mean
  3. Know what you’re buying and why

If you do a quick search on Google, you’ll notice that the terms tamper-proof and tamper-evident poly mailers are often used interchangeably.

Are they really the same thing? Does it matter? This article will clarify the confusion.

Security bag converters call them tamper-evident bags

E-commerce is generating renewed interest for tamper-proof poly mailers, but the tamper-evident technology isn’t new.

Security bag converters have used tamper-evident bag tape for years to manufacture bank deposit bags and police evidence bags for forensics and law enforcement.

Considering the very sensitive nature of their content (cash, valuables, or evidence), these security bags must be reliable, meaning that an opened package would show a message such as  “void” or “opened.” That’s exactly where the name “tamper-evident” comes from. The tape provides evidence of tampering.

Here, “tamper-evident” doesn’t guarantee there will be no tampering attempt. It does guarantee, however, that tampering attempts will not go undetected. That’s why security bag converters regularly ask their security bag tape suppliers detailed questions to assess how secure they truly are.

What tamper-proof means and doesn’t mean

It’s not clear how it all started, but some bag manufacturers advertise their poly mailers as being tamper-proof.

“Tamper-proof” could mean that it gives you proof (i.e. evidence) the poly mailer has been opened. This could explain, why, by extension, some bag manufacturers use the words “tamper-proof” and “tamper-evident” interchangeably.

That being said, “tamper-proof” can carry the promise that these poly mailers “protect you from” tampering attempts, meaning that they cannot be tampered with, just like bullets cannot go through a bullet proof vest.

While this is a great promise from a marketing standpoint, it’s simply not true. Tamper-proof poly mailers do not stop tampering from happening, but they can provide you with a clear chain of custody. In some industries, that’s enough to deter or at least minimize intentional tampering.

So, are the terms tamper-proof and tamper-evident interchangeable? It really depends on the meaning you give to tamper-proof.

Know what you’re buying and why

If you’re a bag converter, you know that e-commerce is driving demand for poly mailers, especially for non-fragile, non-bulky items.

More demand for poly mailers also means more competition among converters. Innovation is key if you want to acquire new clients without lowering your prices.

Tamperguard’s tamper-evident bag tapes enable you to add top-quality tamper-proof poly mailers to your existing product portfolio, reducing the risk that one of your clients will switch to a competitor because you can’t meet their evolving needs.

Imagine the possibilities if you take action now.


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