Why Retailers Should Only Use Tamper-Proof Poly Mailers

  1. Keep your packages and consumers safe
  2. Protect your brand
  3. Enhance your customers’ experience
  4. Reduce your costs
  5. Differentiate your company
  6. Take the next step

Have you noticed lately that many e-commerce poly mailers have a tamper-proof closure?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as there are numerous advantages to replacing regular e‑commerce bags with tamper-proof poly mailers. Here are just a few.

Keep your packages and consumers safe

With the rise of e-commerce, more of what we consume has been handled by multiple people throughout the supply chain. It’s hard to know who opened what and when.

Unlike regular e-commerce mailer bags, tamper-proof poly mailers cannot be opened and resealed without leaving evidence, such as a “void” or “opened” message.

The advantage is twofold. It provides you with a clear chain of custody. And it gives consumers peace of mind that the poly mailers they receive has not been opened, accidentally or intentionally.

Protect your brand

Unbeknownst to consumers, it is surprisingly easy to open a regular poly mailer to steal its contents, replace the original product with a counterfeit, or have a taste of the food, medicine, or dietary supplements it contains.

Unfortunately, bad news spreads like wildfire on social media these days. It only takes one viral tweet for your brand to find itself in a public relations nightmare.

Tamper-proof poly mailers are such a small investment to reduce the risk of contamination, fraud, and theft, while also protecting your brand against product liability claims.

Enhance your customers’ experience

For a long time, retailers have relied on the in-store experience to make their brand memorable. But with e-commerce, your courier envelope is what influences your customers’ first impression.

Unfortunately, when your consumers receive damaged products or deliveries with missing items, chances are you’ll never see them again. Several studies indicate that there is nothing like a bad customer experience to drive customers away.

Conversely, when you use tamper-proof poly mailers, it shows your customers that you care about their health and safety.

Reduce your costs

Even when consumers stay loyal to your brand in spite of a bad experience, it costs your business quite a bit of money.

The more claims, the more customer service agents required, not to mention covering the costs of replacing the missing items and their shipping.

What is the true cost of customer returns compared to the cost of securing your e-commerce deliveries with tamper-proof mailers?

Differentiate your company

In many ways, tamper-proof packaging allows you to prevent problems and mitigate risks. But it is also a great way to make your business stand out from the rest.

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way consumers shop. They expect retailers like you to address their health and safety concerns both in store and when they order online.

It is as much a matter of perception as anything else. Given the choice between a product delivered in a regular courier bag or one delivered in a tamper-proof poly mailers, consumers will naturally prefer the one that guarantees their safety.

The question then becomes: Do you want to be a market leader or a market follower? Tamper-proof bags are increasingly being used for e-commerce deliveries of all types of products.

Take the next step

Now that you know how tamper-proof poly mailers can benefit your business, all you have to do is put us in contact with your courier bag manufacturer:


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