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Airline Baggage Tag Material

Contacted by an airline that wanted to ensure that baggage tags were not switched within the secure zone, we were asked to design a tag that, if removed, would show clear signs of removal and could not be re-applied to another piece of luggage.

Tamperguard developed a tamper evident, direct thermal material utilizing IATA specified poly propylene label stocks. Working with the airline’s label manufacturer, we were able to develop material that would print using the current manufacturing method, and meet the airline’s requirements.


Baggage theft is a common occurrence, yet many people opt for generic luggage locks which can be easily opened and do little to protect their belongings. To address this problem, Tamperguard developed Tamperlock Luggage Security Labels.

This luggage lock system employs the same technology utilized to protect cash in transit for banks and armored carriers worldwide. With Tamperlock, the label cannot be removed without leaving evidence, and each label has its own serial number so it cannot be replaced with a different label.

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Security Tape Application Machine

Noting that most clients were facing the same issues applying tamper evident tapes within their bag making process, Tamperguard developed a tape application unit employing all best practises for tape application within a modern envelope production process.

Once the unit was built and installed at a client’s operation, we created a video showing these best practises in operation. The video, as well as component diagrams, are shared with all clients who wish to improve their process. Our philosophy is that our growth hinges on our client’s success.

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Tamperguard Technology in Action

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We have been working with Tamperguard for several years and they are truly a partner to us. The Tamperguard team has been wonderful in helping us design a custom tapes for our tamper evident security bags. Their support goes beyond the product as they have collaborated with us to engineer solutions within our manufacturing process as well. They are always available by email or phone whenever we have a question. We are grateful to have Tamperguard as an extension of our team.

Andrew Carpentier, President Connover Packaging

Tamperguard has collaborated with us to develop many modifications that have allowed us to increase efficiency and develop new solutions to meet our client’s needs. Their commitment to on-time deliveries let’s us schedule with confidence while maintaining optimal inventory levels. We have always felt that their goal is our complete satisfaction.

John Gregor Packaging Horizons
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