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Company History

In June of 1967 two engineers came together with the goal of designing an innovative packaging machine that would improve the production process. This was the start of Sandora Sales & Mfg. Ltd. (SSML), and the beginning of the spirit of innovation that lives on today in every product we manufacture.

In 1976 SSML purchased Designers Circle, a tag and label supplier to the textile industry. By 1992 there was a printing facility in Montreal and a woven label factory in St Albans, Vermont, servicing clients from across North America and the Caribbean. This division lives on as GroupDC, today primarily supplying price ticketing solutions to Canadian retailers. Over the last 50 plus years our desire to offer our clients the most innovative products have led us to create a care/content label printing system for the textile manufacturing sector, as well as a method of printing advertising hang tags utilizing flexography.

In 1993 we were asked to improve on a frangible self-adhesive tape that was being used to produce tamper evident bags. This was the start of Tamperguard. After improving the tape so that it could be applied without stopping the production process, we developed a tamper evident tape with a hidden message that would appear when the tape was removed. Our customers were the first to offer security tape that included an indicator for high heat, as well as a split liner that improved the application of the tape in the bag making process. A client’s desire to reduce costs resulted in the development of our perforated 23-micron liner. The perforation allows the liner to be folded and creating an easy lift tab, the fastest way for the end user to seal the bag. Many other features have been developed over the years to give Tamperguard’s security bag tape clients the leading edge in their respective markets.

By 2007 security packaging was the primary business of SSML through the Tamperguard division.
In 2017, Tamperguard commenced production of self-adhesive tamper evident materials for the label industry, supplying label manufacturers worldwide. In 2019, to expand our portfolio of products and supply the quickly growing market of e-commerce, we developed our tamper evident packing tape.

Over the last 5 decades we have evolved to become a truly tamper evident security solution provider, and we hope to solve your security challenges in the near future.


William is the President and owner of Sandora Sales & Mfg. Ltd. the parent company of Tamperguard. He has forty-two years of experience in the flexographic industry, with thirty years focused on developing and manufacturing tamper evident solutions. His experience with problem-solving in the security bag production process is extensive.


Graduate from the Chemical Engineering Department at McGill University, Jesse has been with the Tamperguard team since 2016 and has helped develop novel chemistries for the security of Tamperguard’s products.


Yuksel has been working with Tamperguard since 1987. Initially starting on a slitting machine, he has worked through every stage of production and now heads production for the company to ensure top quality for our tamper evident products.


Daniel has been with the company for over 20 years and oversees the IT for Tamperguard. He manages the network infrastructure. He provides technical support to employees and client users.


Thurston has been working with Tamperguard since 1999. Graduate from Champlain College with a degree in business administration. Thurston has over 40 years experience in supply chain operations.

We have been working with Tamperguard for several years and they are truly a partner to us. The Tamperguard team has been wonderful in helping us design a custom tapes for our tamper evident security bags. Their support goes beyond the product as they have collaborated with us to engineer solutions within our manufacturing process as well. They are always available by email or phone whenever we have a question. We are grateful to have Tamperguard as an extension of our team.

Andrew Carpentier, President Connover Packaging

Tamperguard has collaborated with us to develop many modifications that have allowed us to increase efficiency and develop new solutions to meet our client’s needs. Their commitment to on-time deliveries let’s us schedule with confidence while maintaining optimal inventory levels. We have always felt that their goal is our complete satisfaction.

John Gregor Packaging Horizons