The Tamperguard Difference: Engineering High Quality, Cost-Efficiency

We continually develop new processes and materials that keep us ahead of the competition and allow us to offer our customers the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions.

Silicon Liners Made In-House

Made in-house to your exact specifications and optionally perforated for easy folding.

Longer Tape Rolls

Increase your run time and reduce the number of spools you need with up to 8,000 meter spools.

Advanced Coating Technology

Lower your costs with finely controlled, consistent coating that is optimized for your product.

Water Soluble Ink on Adhesive

Get added protection and ensure no tampering from water-based methods.

-90°C to +90°C Working Range

Have confidence in the security of your product with wide temperature range tapes.

Thin Film Packing Tapes

Ship your product with the thinnest film tape on the market, designed for cost-efficiency and durability.

Innovation is the Engine that Drives our Business Forward

State-of-the-art equipment allows us to print our materials all in one process, rather than moving product from machine to machine. This allows for better control, streamlined process and increased cost efficiency.

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