How Tamper Evident Cannabis Packaging Can Boost Your Bottom Line

  1. The current state of the cannabis market
  2. Meet regulatory compliance
  3. Make your cannabis packaging stand out
  4. Improve loss prevention
  5. Minimize customer returns
  6. Take the next step

The cannabis industry is booming and as competition intensifies, cannabis brands must find innovative ways to grow their market share while protecting their margins. One key area of focus is cannabis packaging, and more specifically tamper-evident cannabis packaging, as it can help you meet regulations, differentiate your brand, improve loss prevention, and reduce the impact of customer returns on bottom-line profits.

In this context, choosing the right tamper-evident packaging solution should be a top priority.

The current state of the cannabis market

The cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly worldwide, driven by the rising consumption of cannabis for therapeutic purposes and increased legalization in various regions.

The global cannabis market was valued at US$25.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to US$148.9 billion by 2031, according to a report by Allied Market Research.

In North America, cannabis was first legalized in the state of Colorado in 2012. Since then, cannabis has been gradually legalized for recreational use by 37 states (plus the District of Columbia) across the United States and by all Canadian provinces.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, the need for better tamper-evident cannabis packaging, whether in the form of security packing tape, tamper-proof poly mailers, or tamper-evident labels, is becoming increasingly apparent.

Here’s how your business can benefit from it.

Meet regulatory compliance

While specific regulations vary greatly from country to country—and sometimes even from jurisdiction to jurisdiction within the same country—they typically require that your cannabis packaging offers some combination of a child-resistant closure and tamper-evident packaging.

A wide array of tamper-evident solutions can help you meet these requirements while giving customers peace of mind that your product is safe to consume.

Depending on the type of cannabis product (edible gummies, vape cartridges, etc.) and the packaging format you want to use (box, tin, pouch, etc.), you may also have to adhere to other strict rules, including having to present certain labelling information and brand elements.

Make your cannabis packaging stand out

As more brands enter the cannabis market, packaging is becoming an integral part of your brand’s differentiation strategy.

Even more so because the appearance and condition of your packaging impact consumers’ perception of the quality of your products. If your packaging is defective, it won’t inspire confidence. Customizable tamper-evident packaging, on the other hand, will convey an unmistakable message of quality and trust to potential customers.

Besides, custom options provide an added layer of security because they’re harder to replicate. Keep in mind that organized retail crime is getting more sophisticated. And packages opened in the warehouse can be easily resealed with standard security packing tape carrying the “void” message. But that becomes much harder if your security packing tape features your brand colors and logo.

Improve loss prevention

Tamper-evident packaging is also important for loss prevention. It deters product theft and counterfeiting by making it difficult to open the packaging without leaving evidence that the package has been tampered with.

Consider labelling high-theft merchandise with a unique code, design, or logo and replacing your regular packing tape with security packing tape to protect your cannabis products during warehousing, shipping, and delivery.

You’ll find that, over time, the combination of these tamper-evident solutions can significantly reduce product theft and ultimately boost your bottom line, especially if it lowers the costs associated with other loss-prevention initiatives you may already have underway such as inventory audits and security patrols.

Minimize customer returns

The perishable nature of cannabis means that returned products can’t be resold and often have to be thrown out. This can quickly eat into your profits.

That’s why many cannabis brands do not offer refunds under any circumstances, although some companies limit returns to defective or unopened products.

Return fraud happens when customers attempt to return items using a fake receipt or when the returned item is counterfeit. On occasion, buyers also deliberately damage the product to cover up their mistake and then claim that it was received like that.

Tamper-evident cannabis packaging can help you minimize the impact of customer returns on your bottom line because it makes it much harder for customers to return counterfeit goods or products that have been altered.

Take the next step

How much you will save by using tamper-evident packaging will be determined by many factors.

In the meantime, you may want to order samples to compare the quality and design of our tamper-evident cannabis packaging solutions with those you’re already using.



The best way to find a tamper-evident solution that fits your needs is to work with a reliable supplier who knows the cannabis industry and can provide tailored advice. This will help you save time and money in the long run while providing peace of mind that your cannabis products are protected and safe to consume.

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