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Tamper evident security tape

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Group DC is pleased to announce the introduction of our TAMPERGUARD™ line of tamper evident indicators. Our firm has over a decade of experience manufacturing highly sophisticated tamper evident security tape used in the demanding currency transfer bag industry. This same technology has been adapted and modified to be applicable on corrugated cartons, Tyvek, LDPE and paperboard envelopes, as well as plastic and metal containers.

The TAMPERGUARD™ security seal tapes and labels displays clear evidence of any attempt to remove them. Use of a TAMPERGUARD™ label deters theft and malicious tampering, provides proof of where in the supply chain, theft or tampering has occurred, and assures the client of the shipment's integrity.

Tamper evident tape protects at any temperature

Only TAMPERGUARD™ product, the tamper evident tape is providing clear and obvious evidence when removal of the tamper evident security tape is attempted, by any method more creative than simply peeling the security seal tape or label. Your product is valuable, and criminals are creative. Entry can be attempted by inverting an aerosol spray can and freezing the security seal tape. This leaves the adhesive temporarily ineffective and allows the label to be peeled off. Not with TAMPERGUARD™, when the frozen tamper evident security tape is peeled off the hidden message appears, leaving permanent evidence of an attempt.

Security tape – Why choose Tamperguard?

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Using a device as common as a hair dryer, hot air can be used to soften the adhesive, allowing other security seal tape and labels to be removed without leaving any evidence. It's not going to happen with our tamper evident tape. Our irreversible heat graphics will appear, again leaving permanent evidence of an attempt at tampering.

The complete manufacturing process is performed in our company owned facility, allowing custom wording and design in either of the hidden messages or visual graphics. Once a tamper evident tape is applied, a chain of custody is established. It is now possible to determine where and when any tampering has occurred. By applying a TAMPERGUARD™ tamper evident security tape, your client is confident that the integrity of the shipment has not been compromised and that their supplier has done everything to preserve it.

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